FALL 2019



A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Hannah Muse
A six-month journey home to your SELF
Would you like to…?
Open your mind to possibility?
Increase your capacity to heal your body?
Fall in LOVE with life?
Serve humanity?
If so, then there’s no time like the present:

JOIN US for Awake Heart teacher training with Hannah Muse.

Hannah Muse YTT

Lovingly guided by award-winning teacher Hannah Muse, with an esteemed faculty of world-class teachers including Jai Uttal, Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, Ky Carnell-Russell, Danielle Barr, Justin McLeod, Shandara Gill and other special guests.

Curriculum for Awake Heart Teacher Training


Origins & history: honoring the spiritual heritage of yoga

The power of mindfulness: practical tools for living your life with an AWAKE HEART

Alignment based asana (postures): Vinyasa flow, hatha, yang + yin, inversions, restorative yoga, modifications and skillfully utilizing props to amplify the practice for each individual

Traditional wisdom & philosophy foundations: key texts of ancient yoga, Classical yoga, Patanjali’s 8-limbed path (Ashtanga), nondual Tantric Shaivism, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga

Emerging wisdom: relevant mindfulness research, somatic psychology, contemporary neuroscience, functional anatomy, relevant application of ancient wisdom to modern life

Ayurveda for wellness: holistic health through aligning intelligently with nature’s rhythms and understanding your unique constitution

Divine architecture: Anatomy, physiology & body mechanics theory and exploratory movement to understand the form and function of the complex components of the human body

Your “invisible” anatomy: a map for the embodied understanding of the vayus, koshas, chakras, journey of kundalini and the energy of consciousness

Yoga & the Psyche: how spiritual awareness helps to illuminate our conditioning, free up limiting beliefs and shift our relationship to self, each other and the world as we know it

Pranayama, the secrets & science of breath: revealing sacred practices from an honored lineage passed down to you with the experiential understanding of their transformational power

Mantra: basic sanskrit, japa, kirtan, prayer & sacred sound vibration to elevate intention

Mythology of yoga: enrich your teaching with Shiva, Shakti, Ganesha and other heros and heroine’s stories as mirrors for inner illumination and liberation

Art of teaching (pedagogy): creating a safe learning environment, effective instructional strategies & communicating core values

Teaching methodology: designing classes, effective verbal cuing, skillfully integrating movement with breath, sensible sequencing & creative theming

Yoga for All: strategies for accessibility, variations for people of all abilities, trauma-sensitive languaging

Bhakti yoga: surrender to divine grace

Jai Maa: Prenatal & Postnatal yoga

Karma yoga & Seva (selfless service) as a path to awakening

Mudras: energy flow at your fingertips

Hands-on assisting & the art of touch

The business of yoga & sharing your gifts with integrity and authenticity

Dharma, leadership development & living a purpose driven life

Sadhana: cultivating a daily practice for clarity and presence


If you can check ONE of the boxes below with a resounding YES in your heart, then Awake Heart is the training for you…

  • You are a student of yoga who has practiced for at least one year, and are seeking to deepen your understanding and experience of this powerful practice 

  • You are ready to fall in love with life! Through an integrated journey of personal empowerment and spiritual awareness

  • You are inspired to share the teachings of yoga in some capacity, whether as a yoga teacher or as a compliment the other gifts you share in your life

  • You are looking for a teacher training that goes beyond postures, and honors the spiritual heritage of this rich tradition

  • You are already teaching and wish to re-awaken your heart and serve your students by re-committing to the deeper foundations of yoga and expand your teaching toolbox


 Hannah Muse - Lead Facilitator
Dr. Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis - Philosophy
Jai Uttal - Bhakti Yoga & Mantra
Ky Carnell-Russell - Anatomy of Movement
Danielle Barr - Hands-on Assists
Shandara Gill - Karma Yoga & the selfless service
Dr. Justin McLeod - Muscle Meridians & Fascia


The 6-month Awake Heart teacher training begins with a foundational 5-day training to establish a potent container for our journey and continues with one weekend per month for a span of 6 months.

October 9-14
Nov 15-17
Dec 13-15
Jan 17-19
Feb 7-9
March 6-8

October Immersion hours
Wednesday 6-8pm (Opening Circle)
Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm
Friday 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm
Sunday 8:30am-5:30pm
Monday (Indigenous People’s day) 8:30am-4pm

Weekend Hours (November-March)
Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm**
Sunday 8:30am - 5:30pm

**With some surprise bonus programming on select Saturday nights.

Attendance & Make-Up Policy

Once you begin, we know you-you'll be so engaged you won’t want to miss a moment of your Awake Heart journey, but we’ve built in extra hours so that if you need to, you may miss up to three days. (Just in case of previous commitments - or life happenings that may arise.)

If you need to miss more than three days, you will need to check in with Hannah before enrolling and see if it’s possible to make up the required hours with additional time and investment.

Awake Heart YTT


$3450 investment for the full 6-month, 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered teacher training  

Register with $500 deposit to reserve your spot  
Monthly payment plans options are readily available for you


"In 13 years of yoga practice I have never felt so at home as I do in Hannah’s classes. Her ability to empower, calm, soothe, and educate are a balance like none other I have experienced. She uses the power of her words to help her students remember the sweetness inside ourselves, the wholeness of our hearts and the power of community. The outpouring of love and joy from her soul are infectious and delicious. She is love, she gives love and she encourages love. Her rich and vast knowledge of Asana, Prananyama, Myth, Song, History and Therapeutic Anatomical Alignment make her all the more powerful an instructor. I am eternally grateful for all I have learned from sweet sweet Hannah.

Hannah's training has helped me manage depression and self doubt, heal physical pain and see the world with clearer more loving eyes. My sex life is better, my marriage is better and I am expecting a baby this summer - hooray for yoga and for the ever loving Hannah Muse."


“Anyone who has taken a class with Hannah Muse knows what an amazing teacher she is, as they have felt her cultivated-heart transmitlove.  As a yoga teacher and life coach myself, I have taken hundreds of yoga classes with teachers from all over the world, but Hannah leads by far the most powerful and potent yoga class I have ever experienced. Weaving in mantra, mudra, mythology, and pranayam, our singing Santa Cruz sangha is always eager to be led through her teachings. Hannah’s classes are the most heavily attended classes at multiple Santa Cruz studios as she is truly able guide her students into experiential understandings of the energetic and spiritual body. Due to her awesome alignment cues, I am often surprised at my body as it eases into deeper versions of poses that I practice every day!

Hannah’s blazing beauty does not even compare to the magnificence that is emitted from her heart. She is graceful and contained, and powerfully potent. Hannah is a dedicated practitioner of asana and studier of philosophy and Eastern medicine, but her commitment to daily sadhana (seated meditation practice) is what I know makes her such a rare and effective teacher. Although she would never admit it, Hannah is famous in Santa Cruz and the role she plays here is invaluable. The wisdom she shares helps me experience and remember my heart and I am forever grateful I trained to become a teacher with her.  It has impacted every aspect of my career and my life.”


Awake Heart YTT
Learning Yoga
Awake Heart YTT