Flowing With The Rhythms of Fall


As we move into the fall season, the nights grow longer, the air grows colder, and everything in nature starts to slow down. We are coming out of the busy, external time of summer and moving towards the slower, more internal time of winter. This is our time to go within and nourish and fortify ourselves. It is also a time for community to come together and support one another through the more difficult time of coldness and darkness.

Nothing in nature stands alone; all of it is connected and interconnected. We are the same, and this is the season where we begin to need more interconnectedness and support from nature and from each other. Our bodies need more warming and health-building nutrient-rich foods from the Earth. Our hearts need more care and attention from ourselves and from our loved ones. Our minds and spirits need to slow down, gather the harvest of the year so far, and begin the deep internal work that allows the new growth of next spring to come.

It can be difficult for us to slow down, especially if we’ve been living busy and preoccupied. Slowing down allows deeper things within us to bubble up and this is why the fall and winter season can be so difficult for so many of us; it forces us to face things within us we usually prefer to hurry past. Old heavy feelings can begin to surface, including past regrets, painful losses, nostalgia, longing, and other darkness that can feel overwhelming and debilitating without adequate support and care.     

This is the time when we lean more on one another because the natural movement and independence of spring and summer have given way to the organic slowness and interdependence of fall and winter. Now we are being asked to go within and do the good work of working our internal earth together.


The holidays add layers of difficulty for most of us. This is the time when we long most for the deep feelings of love and interconnectedness. It is when we need them the most, and it is when we often experience them the least.

Working through all of this in helpful and healthful ways - especially what feels like difficulty - is imperative to our growth and wellbeing as individuals and communities. We all need good tools to work through potentially difficult inner work, like journaling, reflective listening, safe spaces to feel and explore within, communication, loving support, expression, and feeling heard and seen in nourishing ways. Safe and supportive community is essential to our growth, development, and consistent wellbeing.

Although this is the time for slowing down and doing rich inner work, it is also the time for feeling supported, nourished, and held by the rooted interconnectedness of all of life. Allow yourself to be held by this web of life as we move into colder and darker days ahead - to learn new tools, to be supported through difficulty, to reach out to connection instead of pulling in to isolation, and to nourish yourself with nutrient-rich foods, warming community, and the deep inner fertility that comes from deep internal work.

Carrie Arlah Burr

Written By Carrie Arlah Burr, Co-Owner, & Light-Worker