Devi Peri

Clarity Breathwork + Embodied Movement Facilitator


Devi is a healthy lifestyle coach, a sacred breathwork and embodied movement facilitator, a teacher, a lover and caretaker of this Earth, a musician, a mother, and a muse. She started “digging-in” on the path to self-discovery over thirty years ago. As her attention and listening has grown deeper, she has been called to respond. Her calling is to help this precious Earth and its amazing inhabitants by offering my skills, knowledge and passion for vibrant health with others who want help manifesting their own desire for a more holistically healthful life.

Her approach is based largely on her own experiential awakening and influenced by many modalities and traditions, including insight meditation, many forms of conscious dance/embodied movement and expressive arts, a variety of earth-based spiritual traditions, and somatic psychology with various body-centered processing methods, including Clarity Breathwork, focusing, and Breema.