Group Meditation

MONDAYS AT 9AM With Gitanjali Hemp

For anyone who is curious and inspired to create a seated meditation practice. Find your seat as a meditator through guidance and freedom, providing traditional mantras (tools for contemplation) in each class to help students keep their focus inward.

This class will seed your personal practice for the rest of the week, creating a foundation of open awareness, stability and loving presence that will ripple out into the rest of your life.

Practicing together in community is powerful and easier than practicing alone. So as you are supported in your practice, you will be supporting others in theirs.

All levels of experience are welcome and advanced practitioners are encouraged.

Guided Imagery


With Chloe Clarke

Imagery is a flexible approach that can be applied to a wide variety of issues. Since the brain learns easily with images it can help create new pathways for positive behavioral change. The class will enter a meditative state so you will be more receptive to discover images, find out about them, and take on new learning through these images.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


With Chloe Clarke

Learn how to clear negatively charged emotions and tap into your full potential. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be used to decrease stress, trauma, triggers, unwanted emotions or negative beliefs. When we have a tool that can easily clear away the negative, we can begin to create our future with more fun, joy, happiness and freedom!

Breathing Into Wholeness


With Devi Peri

Clarity Breathwork is a method of self-healing that uses the power of deep, connected breathing along with gentle coaching and evocative music. Breathwork helps to reveal and clear unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can often get in the way of our deepest happiness. Sometimes emotions arise, sometimes memories or visions, and sometimes just pure spacious blissfulness as we replace old limiting beliefs with unconditional love. When old limiting thought patterns are uncovered, it is easier to make new, healthier choices and break old habits. Breathwork may also facilitate a feeling of connection with Gaia, our precious Earth, and all of the beings with whom we co-exist.


Men’s Circle


With Paul Carvalho

This Mankind Project group meets to help men connect, have some light-hearted fun, get challenged, supported, and have self-reflection.

We do this through skilled facilitation, and various processes based on Masculine Archetypes. We encourage men to look deeply inside and speak their truth from a compassionate and emotionally vulnerable place.
Our mission is to bring men together in a safe environment to facilitate men’s healing, and offer optional Community Service to support our local area.

This group is an open circle, any man may attend, and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Connecting to Spirit


With Carrie Arlah Burr

This class is devoted to connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and other highly developed helper beings of light. We practice opening, listening, hearing, and integrating that which Spirit has to show us and teach us.

The class begins with music to raise the vibration of ourselves and the room, which then moves into discussion about various topics of safe and powerful spirit connection.

Carrie present teachings on how to navigate spirit connection, with tips and tools that she’s learned over the past almost 20 years of mediumship.

The class closes with a 30 minute meditation where participants practice sitting, listening, feeling, and developing greater and greater openness, receptivity, and relationship with Spirit.

We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.
— Rumi