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Breath+Oneness Yoga and Meditation Center is devoted to providing the Eastside's largest gathering place for those wanting to strengthen their mind, body, heart, and soul. Located in the heart of Capitola with 25 teachers and 49+ weekly classes, experience a community gathering place for all ability levels where everyone feels welcome and completely at ease.

Come join us on your journey of learning and growth.

We are remembering our wholeness again.

Mother-Daughter Power Team

Mother-Daughter Power Team

Yoga at Breath+Oneness

Mother-Daughter duo, Leslie Warren (mother) and Carrie Arlah Burr (daughter) joined minds and hearts to build the sanctuary that is Breath+Oneness.

With Leslie’s business background working in the Silicon Valley for 20+ years, and Carrie’s passion and grand vision, the perfect marriage of business-mindedness and spirituality has come together for all to experience.

Breath+Oneness has become their home away from home, and they are excited for others to feel this way too .


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Intention Statement

Breath+Oneness is a center dedicated to healing and whole-being wellness. All of our offerings support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We are committed to supporting everyone within their journey of self-discovery, learning, growth, and realization.  We embrace holism, interconnectedness, diversity, freedom of expression, health, truth, love, and the power of traveling through every shadow with greater and greater experienced light.

Our classes, circles, workshops, and events are supportive, safe, and encouraging. We believe in the healing power of touch and bring it whenever we can in healthy and supportive ways, honoring each person and their comfort level with touch.  We cultivate the experience of deep connection with ourselves, with each other, and to all of life.

We bring music to all of our classes and events, and include live music as often as we can.  We affirm the healing power of song and the life force that is stirred when songs are sung together.

Breath+Oneness encourages all teachers to bring what they are most passionate to teach.  We affirm that passion within one stirs passion within others. This passion brings awakeness, aliveness and inspiration to our sanctuary.