Touched Fall 2019

Hands-On Assisting Training - The Complete Course

OCTOBER 18, 19, & 20


Touch is a love language and a basic human need.

 Whether you are a yoga teacher or practitioner, learning about the power of a loving and safe adjustment can enrich your connection to others and take your personal practice to the next level. In this 16-hour immersion, we will thoroughly create a safe space to explore the anatomy of the body, recognize lines of energy in asanas (postures), and learn how to assist safely and effectively for students to deepen their practice.

This model is specific to anyone wanting to assist classes for trade at Breath+Oneness. Upon completion of these 16 hours, 3 peer assists, and 1 evaluation session, you will be certified to serve the community safely and effectively. This course has been extended 4 hours due to dense curriculum and room for feedback/discussion. 

As mentioned in KQED Article on the #metoo movement in the Yoga Community, our approach on touch in a yoga setting is mindful and compassionate. We take on this role of a healer very seriously and take the practice of assisting beyond just physical touch - we ask consent, we hold space, and we cultivate a positive and safe environment for students to practice.

Friday, October 18th - 6pm-8pm
Saturday, October 19th - 10:30am-6pm
Sunday, October 20th - 10:30am-6pm

• 16 hours of intimate training
• 2 yoga classes
• 2 meals
• Take home materials - visual models, & guidebook
• A 45-minute discussion on syncing music in a yoga class
• Personal assisting follow-up training/assessment

$279/$250 (Yoga Teacher Rate*)
Payment plan available upon request.
*Email for info on teacher rate.

Touched Assisting Training
Touched Assisting Training