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All Levels Vinyasa

Perfect for new to intermediate yogis wanting to build their yoga practice. In this flow class, you will move through foundational poses while building more strength, flexibility, and balance. Expect to move with your breath and practice focusing your attention, getting out of your head and into your body and breath, creating peacefulness, centeredness, and that well-known “yoga bliss” feeling.

  • In a lightly heated room, a warm-up will be followed by key foundational poses to get your heart rate up and challenge you in healthy and supportive ways.

  • Attention to alignment and safety in every pose is key to this class as you build your strength and confidence.

  • A cool-down at the end culminates in savasana, where you soak in all the benefits of what you just did and take it with you throughout your day.

  • A foundational class that shows modifications and use of props, ensuring more difficult postures and sequences are practiced safely and effectively as you build your practice.

Alignment Flow

This is an awareness based practice, less about the quickness of the flow and more about the quality of presence. In this class, we will cultivate intimacy with our bodies, breath, and life through awareness. We will also be cultivating awareness through alignment, using props and interesting variations and fun experiential asanas to deepen relationship and understanding of the body. We will explore the anatomy of the body, the psyche, and the emotional body, using fun interesting variations and props to venture into different parts of ourselves that we don’t always have access to. Utilizing strong alignment and anatomy knowledge, our teachers think outside of the box, creating a new experience every time, weaving it all into a flow that’s accessible and enjoyable for all body types and all levels of experience.   

Strong Vinyasa Flow

For any yogi with a solid foundation of yoga knowledge and experience wanting to get a good workout in and maybe even have some fun doing it! This class is in a warm room (around 80 degrees) and utilizes good music, a lively-paced intermediate flow, and some core work to get your body moving and heart pumping. The intention here is to build strength and stamina, challenge your cardiovascular system, have fun moving through flow sequences that feel great in your body, and get a solid workout.

  • This class is not primarily focused on alignment, and therefore, those newer to the practice are recommended to take an “all levels” or “basics” class first to develop body awareness.

Hatha Yoga

This is a gentle introduction to basic yoga postures. Each pose will be explored with breath and awareness, as you build a stronger mind-body connection. This class is less about flow and more about mindfulness within every action. You will leave the class feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed.

  • A foundational class that shows modifications and use of props.

  • Has a slow-to-mid-range pace that works on strength and flexibility while highlighting mindfulness and breath.

Slow Flow Vinyasa

This class takes the flow of a vinyasa class and slows it down so that it becomes a deeply therapeutic and restorative practice. Perfectly suitable for all levels of practitioners, slow flow allows you to take the time you need to meet your body wherever it’s at, and gently guide yourself towards greater relaxation, openness, and ease. This is a perfect class to transition you from the higher pace productivity of your day to the winding down slower restfulness of your night.


Qi means "life energy". Gong means "cultivation". To cultivate life energy is to bring more power, vitality, and intelligence to the body, and more wisdom, peace, and clarity to the heart and mind. Qigong is a complete system of self-healing and spiritual empowerment that focuses around the concept of "moving meditation", where slow fluid movements are combined with deep breathing in order to calm the mind and cultivate life energy.
This class integrates many styles of Qigong into a fun and dynamic class that will continuously challenge your mind and body in new and interesting ways. The class usually begins with breathing exercises, warm-ups, stretching and strengthening exercises, balance and postural exercises, self-care exercises for organs, joints and connective tissues, brain games for proprioception, and sound toning for the nervous system. Classes always end with a moving meditation flow practice and guided seated meditation.

Therapeutic Nervous System Reset

 Focusing on the basic principles of “ahimsa” or non-violence, Therapeutic Yoga Classes focus on health and wellness at all levels, restoring balance, increasing vitality, and easing pain. The intention of Therapeutic Yoga is to empower individuals to an understanding of our being as an integrated somatic body-mind system, and provides easy and practical guidance towards health. Experience a deep sense of ease that rejuvenates and calms the body systems. Resets the nervous system through easy stretches; breath; visual imagery; acupressure; supported relaxation postures and exploratory movement.


Restorative Yin Yoga

For anyone needing more openness, flexibility, and ease of movement in their joints and body. It is a quiet and simple practice that works deeply. Targeting your ligaments, joints, bones, and deep fascia networks, this class improves energy flow and helps support healthfulness in all of your organs. This class typically consists of a series of long-held (4-7 minutes), relaxed floor poses that mainly open the lower part of your body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine - because these areas are especially rich in connective tissues and they support the rest of your body.

  • Addresses stiffness, tightness, achiness, and minimal mobility.

  • Offers tremendous support in cross-training for other athletic activities, balancing the openness/tightness of your muscles and joints, helping you avoid injury in your active pursuits.

  • Helps your body feel better in foundational and substantial ways, and serves as a form of meditation.

Gentle Yoga

For everyone wanting to unwind, open up, feel more relaxed, and move their bodies in gentle yet significant ways. For all levels of yoga practitioners as well as for non-yogis who simply want to feel better in their bodies. In this slow-paced, easily-accessible class, you will be led through basic yoga poses that help open, balance, strengthen, and bring calm to your body. Props and modifications will be offered that support you in doing what you can in every pose. This is a gentle class, and the intention is to bring peacefulness and restoration everywhere within your body with breath, easy movement and focused calm.

Yoga Basics

Great for anyone who has little to no yoga experience, as well as for anyone wanting to gain strength and/or flexibility in a safe and gradual way. Be gently guided through basic poses at an easy-to-follow pace. Over the weeks you will build knowledge and become more comfortable with yoga terminology and poses as your body becomes stronger, freer, lighter, and more youthful. This is a great place to develop your yoga foundation, surrounded by other beginners in an inviting, reassuring class that meets you exactly where you’re at while helping you get to where you want to be.

Warrior Flow

Warrior Flow is as a fun, high energy, class that incorporates traditional “asanas” (poses) with weights and mindful breathing to upbeat music. The use of dumbbells, blocks, and belts, paired with high-intensity cardio bursts will strengthen particular muscular regions in the body and leave you feeling invigorated. Get your blood flowing and your confidence boosted! This class is meant to be challenging but accessible to ability levels.

Shakti Naam

Shakti Naam is a powerful anti-aging and disease-defying yogic practice, new to the West from the Himalayas. It is designed to shift your nervous system from “flight or fight energy” to the deep healing, peace and internal joy that is your birthright. With time-tested and ancient wisdom techniques and tools, naam yoga will rebalance and reorganize your entire being. Shakti Naam Yoga incorporates standing postures with deep rejuvenating breathing techniques to open the meridians (energy channels) and remove all blocks in the body. This unique fusion of movement, breath, acupressure, stretching, and vocal vibration, activates and strengthens the body's self-healing capacities and helps to increase one's lifespan - providing people of all ages with radiant health, happiness, joy and vitality. No experience is necessary; this practice is possible for all levels and can be modified as needed.


Building community through creative and empowering flow yoga. This high-energy vinyasa class will focus primarily on fun and creative asanas (poses) that are simple to follow, build mental and physical strength, tone the body, and increase stamina and flexibility in an experimental environment. The flow will begin with a warm-up, followed by a medium-paced flow that will get your heart rate elevated, then will end with a short restorative/meditative experience. Yogis will bring awareness to their bodies, minds, and spirits through play, community, and rad beats. All levels of experience are welcomed. This class is exclusive to those currently enrolled in high school.

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