Tui Na Massage - A 2-Day, 12-Hour Skills Class
with Shawn Smolinski
Saturday, June 1st | 1-6p Sunday, June 2nd |10a-6p

Learn how to give short focused tuina treatments or entire sessions in just one weekend!

What You Will Learn
• Simple qigong to strengthen your abilities, with a strong focus on body mechanics
• Many individual hand techniques, with variations and strategies for combining them
• How to practice these techniques safely and effectively, for the client and you!

Awake Heart Yoga Teacher Training
with Hanah Muse
The Journey Begins October 9th

Awake Heart: A Six-Month Journey Home To Your SELF October 2019-March 2020

Would you like to…?
Open your mind to possibility
Increase your capacity to heal your body
Fall in LOVE with life
Serve humanity

If so, then there’s no time like the present:

JOIN US for Awake Heart 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Hannah Muse:

October 9-14, 2019 OPENING WEEK
November 15-17, 2019
December 13-15, 2019
January 17-19, 2020
February 7-9, 2020
March 6-8, 2020

Free Awake Heart Yoga Class + Info Session 
with Hannah Muse
Saturday, June 15th | 10:30a-12:30p

Join us on Sunday June 9th at 10:30am for a free class and info session, where you'll learn all about the 2019-2020 Awake Heart Teacher Training with Hannah Muse. The awake heart yoga class will be followed by a Q&A and all the juicy details about this transformational journey 💗


Yoga + Movement

Tune into your center and connect mind, body, & spirit through yoga breath & movement.


Personal Growth

We all are on our own journey, tending to our own inner garden. How are we taking care of our inner landscapes while living in a rapid moving world? Slow down, unwind, and turn within and listen.




When we commune together to breathe, move, heal, and connect, that’s
where the magic in the oneness begins.